How to have a Lucid Dream? [ Solution ]

How to have a Lucid Dream?

You can do something inside the realm of dreams. Sadly, because none of us realize that when it happens we're dreaming, that kind of power goes to waste.

Nevertheless, lucid dreaming, the ability to monitor the dreams that has been scientifically confirmed, happens when a person knows they are asleep. If you do that, you can do just about whatever you want. We are going to let you come up with your own thoughts about what that could be.

Although some people are more likely than others to dream lucidly, it is something that can be learned by using strategies to make yourself aware of the fact that you're dreaming. Give them a shot, and have fun doing everything you've ever wanted to do. We're not going to comment, again. Or just decide.


 How to have a Lucid Dream?

1. Keep a dream diary:

If you're comfortable with the concept of writing down sentences like "And then my old high school principal ate all the kids" or "Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny chased me across the Gumdrop Mountains," keeping a written record of your dreams can be helpful in setting up dream recall, the opportunity to remember your dreams after waking up. You will start seeing familiar images and subjects after doing this for a while, and will be more likely to remember them while you're asleep. Once that's done, you can start controlling the vision. Even so, if you were chilling in Candyland with Mulder and Scully, you would not want to change it.

2. Make it a mantra:

It doesn't take this cycle of creating a vivid dream to be difficult. This can be as easy as asking yourself what you want, according to Deirdre Barrett, assistant clinical psychology professor at Harvard Medical School. Before falling asleep, constantly repeating a note to yourself that you want to be mindful of your dreams will help make you remember when you're asleep. Sounds like some click-your-heels-and-repeat-"There's no place like home "nonsense, but anyway psychology is essentially wizardry to us. Worth a turn.

3. Visualize yourself waking up into a vivid dream:

In all aspects of life, the imagination is a strong device. It makes you come up with innovative troubleshooting ideas, take a mini-vacation during your lunch break and persuade yourself you were a decent enough athlete to go pro if you hadn't broken your senior year leg.

It can also provide you with an opportunity to live out those NFL fantasies when you're asleep. Visualization is a device that is mostly used by those who have vivid dreams. Through visualizing yourself continuously waking up into a surreal dream as you fall asleep, you will finally have the opportunity to prepare your mind to the point that it actually occurs.

4. Wake up your lazy ass:

The idea of getting up any earlier than you would have to be about as enticing as waking up to find out you've turned into Vanilla Ice, but if you're interested in lucid dreaming, you should think about it. For reasons that remain unexplained, people who disturb their sleep — waking up early and remaining awake before returning to sleep for a half hour to an hour — report greater progress in achieving the lucid state. Getting back to sleep not long after waking up makes it much easier to recall the dream, giving you a better shot when you fall back into the dream world.

If you end up unable to get back to sleep, please don't send us angry emails. You know what you walk into.

5. Think about it as much as you can:

Stephen LaBerge of Stanford University is that guy when there is an Elvis in the world of lucid dreaming. He's been researching the subject for years, and has come up with the technique of Mnemonic Induced Vivid Dreaming (MILD), so what is the point of a doctorate if you're not going to use all the big terms you've learnt?

When you wake up, he advises devoting as much mental energy as possible to trying to recall all the specifics of the dream you just had, telling yourself that you will know that you are dreaming when you fall back to sleep. When done right, this approach is intended to let you slip back into the dream you had. You should then look for signs to trigger a vivid dream that you are no longer awake — such as real Elvis.

6. Seek to test the truth of superpower:

Seeing if you have superpowers is an simple way to find out whether you are asleep or not. Seek to fly yourself or fire lasers from your eyes during the day, or get away wearing your underwear over your trousers without being told to leave the workplace. You shouldn't really leap off the roof and see if you can fly — if it turns out you're alive, the situation will start hurting very quickly — but just telling yourself every now and then whether or not you can do something outside the scope of normal human capacity can make this mental process a habit.

Ideally, you'll hit a point where you'll be exploring these hypotheses while you're asleep. When you find out you have superpowers, this is going to be the heads up you need to know you're really dreaming about.

Then, like Dr Repressed Desires and Secret Traumatic Memories Man, you will superhumanly beat the crap out of all those Freudian supervillains hidden in your subconscious.


7. Read all about it:

Remember when your parents told you not to watch scary movies in front of bed because you might have nightmares? When they were incredibly right about this, remember?

When you're searching for a vivid vision, you can go the same path and it does not, luckily, include believing you're being murdered by Freddy Krueger. One way to know that you are sleeping and dreaming is to simply read about the subject of vivid dreams before you go to sleep. All the knowledge about strategies you can use to use to learn will sink into your brain, giving you a better chance to remember you're asleep. Instead, you should kick the butt of Krueger.

8. Check your watch to make sure it doesn't melt:

A common indication you're in a dream is a watch or clock that has the wrong time, numbers or proportions. Speaking clocks with bizarrely phallic hands is a strong warning, too.

If you are looking for a vivid dream you should take advantage of this. Just like you checked to see whether you had superpowers or not, you can get into the habit of checking your watch all day long with the intention of finding some hints that might tip you off to the fact you're asleep. Again, probably you'll get to the point where you end up in your sleep doing that.

You will know you're dreaming when you look at your watch and realize that its face is an real face. Or that you will never ever be losing acid.