Memory Loss Strain - Updated

About Memory Loss

While cannabis is often said to affect short-term memory, more than others, this strain will throw you in for a loop. Memory Loss is a mainly sativa strain produced by Archive Seed Bank, the same breeders from the west coast who developed varieties like Golden Ticket. This is a cross between standard combination Amnesia Haze and Face Off OG. Smokers should be warned that this strain is not for the faint of heart or the weak of tolerance: its potency was tested between an respectable 18 per cent and a whopping 28 per cent THC.

Memory Loss is characterized by medium to large flowers which have a distinctly conical shape, tapering from a broad base to a pointy tip. The buds cling together, in a compact, indica-typical structure, considering mainly sativa genetics. The tightly curled leaves are a mossy green, and dotted with soft, rusty pistils. More often than not, phenotypes of this strain often have dark violet streaks in their flowers; such striking shades occur when pigments in the genes of the plant, called anthocyanins, are stimulated during the growing phase by colder than normal temperatures. Finally, cloudy white trichomes coat the inner and outer surfaces of the flowers, adding a subtly white shine to these already-colorful buds.

Memory Loss has the prevailing scent of old pine and cedar, when properly treated. Near observation also shows some hints of moist earth and musk — when the bud is ground up or broken open, these kushy notes are amplified. Memory Loss occurs when combusted with a smoke that can be unpleasant and acrid for certain palates, stinging the sinuses and causing coughing. The smoke on exhale has both citrus and earthy flavours.

Memory loss holds strong, exposing its symptoms before smokers even stop coughing. The high manifested initially as a pressure around the eyes and temples; this tingle soon spreads through the neck and the heart. These physical stimuli are soon followed by a sense of mindrace, with thoughts moving from one to the next in an unfettered pattern of free association — this feeling can be disorienting for others. Often, external stimuli may provide stimulation, with sights and sounds that appear more complex and fascinating than they would otherwise be. If users are in a position to retain clear concentration, memory loss can be a perfect way to improve everyday tasks such as tidying up or washing dishes. And while creative juices may begin to flow, don't intend to perform any complex tasks requiring intense concentration. The pressure is euphoric and uplifting in the right atmosphere and environment. It's likely to make users more talkative in social settings ... but good luck keeping your train of thought on track. Memory Loss is an ideal, energetic strain of wake-and-bake; if eaten at night, it can keep smokers wired and frentic.

Given the name foreboding, Memory Loss may also have many advantages for patients with medicinal cannabis. In cases of mild to moderate stress and depression, its ability to uplift mood can be beneficial. Furthermore, despite mainly sativa effects, many users often claim that Memory Loss offers significant relief from deep-seated pain and aches. Anti-inflammatory agents can soothe minor irritations, such as headaches and nausea. As it can lead to some extreme circular thought and introspection, memory loss is not recommended for users who are susceptible to panic and anxiety — even though they have a high tolerance for THC.

Archive has made Memory Loss seeds available for sale through diverse online retailers. It can be grown indoors or outdoors but outdoor success requires a semi-humid environment with daytime temperatures in the Fahrenheit range of 70 to 80 degrees. Plants continue to grow tall so those growing indoors should be careful with some early, vigorous pruning to train their crops. Growers looking to bring out the colorful potential of this bud can also expose plants to cold (but not freezing) late in the vegetative stage at nighttime temperatures. Memory Loss flowers when grown indoors within a long 10 weeks but rewards diligent gardeners with high bud yields.

Memory Loss is an excellent choice for fans of powerful sativas, a heavy hitter that's perfect for some intense, mind-bending exploration. The high trichome count of the strain also makes it worthwhile in the production of hash and other THC concentrates.